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About Centerville
Centerville Massachusetts located in Barnstable County and is one of five villages in the town of Barnstable on Cape Cod.

The community was formally known as Chequaquet or "pleasant harbor". It was later renamed Centerville for its location among the other villages.

Visitors in the area are encouraged to stop at the Centerville Historical Museum for a piece of the village history.

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Ellis Paul
Age Limit: All Ages

Ellis Paul

When: Aug 12, 2016 8 PM in Centerville, Massachusetts
Cost: $25 (Fri, 12 Aug 2016 20 )
The Wedding
The wedding is a time honored tradition spanning centuries and cultures. Steeped in tradition, custom, and ritual this event has under gone many transformations. The museum's exhibit, The Wedding, will feature wedding gowns from 1780's to the present. Within the exhibit context the museum will examine the similarities, differences, and origins of these traditions, customs, and fashions of the wedding event. The story of the wedding will unfold over many generation utilizing historic collection gowns, wedding accessories, photographs, and family histories.

When: May 3, 2016 12 AM to Dec 10, 2016 12 AMin Centerville, Massachusetts (Tue, 03 May 2016 00 )
Ellis Paul and Vance Gilbert performing on Cape Cod!
A rare performance! Ellis Paul and his special guest Vance Gilbert will be doing a rare show on Cape Cod this summer! Tickets are $20 in advance, $25 on the day of the show, and $10 for students. Doors open at 7:30pm ELLIS PAUL Some artists document their lives through their music. Others chronicle their times. Its a rare artist who can do both, telling their own story through songs that also encapsulate the essence of people and places who have helped define their era overall. Woody Guthrie comes to mind, and so does Bob Dylan. Bruce Springsteen certainly as well. Yet few others, for whatever genius they may possess, can relate their own history to the history experienced by those who find that common bond, be it in a coming of age, living through the same realities or sharing similar experiences. Ellis is one of those gifted singer/songwriters who can tell their own story through songs that also encapsulate the essence of people and places who have helped define our times and shared history. Traveling in the footsteps of Guthrie, Dylan and Springsteen, Ellis relates his own experiences to those with whom he shares a common bond. Some may refer to him as a folksinger, but he is also singular storyteller, a musician whose words reach out from inside and yet also express the feelings, thoughts and sensibilities that most people can relate to in one way or another, regardless of age or upbringing. VANCE GILBERT Vance Gilbert burst onto the singer/songwriter scene in the early 90's when buzz started spreading in the folk clubs of Boston about an ex-multicultural arts teacher who was knocking 'em dead at open mics. Born and raised in the Philadelphia area, Vance started out as a jazz singer, and then switched to folk music, frequenting many of Boston's open mikes. Once word got out about Gilbert's stage-owning singing and playing, Shawn Colvin invited him to be special guest on her Fat City tour. Noted for being the ever consummate performer, Gilbert takes audiences across the country by storm. He has recorded 10 albums, including Side of the Road, a duo album with friend Ellis Paul. His first three albums appear on Philo/Rounder Records. Along with being opener of choice for artists as varied as Aretha Franklin, Arlo Guthrie, Paul Reiser, and Anita Baker, 2006 and 2007 found Gilbert opening 75+ shows for comedian George Carlin. Considered by many to be an integral part of the New England folk scene, Gilbert's approach to the acoustic singer songwriter idiom is significant. His performances often feature extended guitar and vocal improvisational forays, and Gilbert's compositions, while frequently employing sophisticated melodies and harmonies that attest to his jazz roots, remain sublime attestations to the storyteller's craft.

When: Aug 12, 2016 8 PM to Aug 12, 2016 10 PMin Centerville, Massachusetts
Cost: 10 - 20 USD (Fri, 12 Aug 2016 20 )
Tony James Birthday Beach Party/Music Video Shoot
Craigville Beach is one of the most well-known and tourist-heavy beaches on the Cape. On a sunny afternoon during the summer, youíre almost guaranteed to find this beach packed with people. It stretches along Nantucket Sound to its next door neighbor, Covellís Beach. Plus, youíll find a couple food shacks and restaurants right across the street that offer seafood classics like fried clams and fish & chips, but also sandwiches, ice cream, and other summertime classics. The beach is equipped with a lifeguard on duty and an area for showers and public restrooms! Tony James is an It Works! Global independent distributor! He is also an Artist/Singer/Songwriter From MA. who showed off his skills by creating a music video about It Works! Global. Celebrating his Birthday on the beach, he will also be filming the 2nd music video for It Works! Global. Everyone is invited! Whether you are an It Works! Global independent distributor, or just want to attend this event, please wear beach attire associated with the colors Lime Green, Black and White, or any It Works Clothing! Come to the beach and have some fun! For more information on Craigville Beach Click this link to TripAdvisor To see Tony James' 1st Music Video! Click this link

When: Jul 1, 2016 12 PM to Jul 1, 2016 5 PMin Centerville, Massachusetts (Fri, 01 Jul 2016 12 )

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